27th General Lyceum of Athens

A Greek Senior High school from Athens is looking for a partner school from Germany (preferably from Berlin) to join an E-twinning Project entitled: :”Eco schools in Action”.

The idea of the project is based on the initiative: Climate School Berlin-Athens. which aims to raise awareness of climate change and energy consumption in the school communities of the Municipality of Athens

The online cooperation will last one school year (2018-2019) and each partner school will be involved in saving energy activities at school by measuring and recording the energy used in their schools and thus set a target for how much energy their school could save. Their actions will be transferred in the Etwinning online platform, shared and compared with their partners and become the source of online cooperation activities related to climate change awareness and the importance of school action in environmental sustainability.

Apart from the Greek school, there are already 2 other European schools, – one from Spain and another one from Poland – who will join the project. The partner schools must be registered in E-twinning .

The project is going to start early October and the project language will be English. The students’ age will be 15-18. Each school can involve about 20-25 students – a class or students from different classes and 1-3 teachers sensitized to Environmental issues teaching subjects such as English, Science/Technology.

For more information you can contact Mrs Evangelia Anagnostaki in evianagn@yahoo.gr who is the founder of the project along with 2 more teachers of the 27th General Lyceum of Athens (awarded school with the Etwinning School

Please give a first signal of interest, if possible until Fr. 21.9.2018