Teaching Economics, Labour, Technology


Proposal and Support for Teaching Economics, Labour, Technology in schools

Teaching materials focussing on the subject: “How does the light-emitting diode (LED) change our lives“

Getting to know „Urban Gardening“ as well as the exploration of things to eat within this city, in addition with planning a school garden and preparing local food in the school kitche

Responsible dealing with cloth and clothes; testing of recycling and upcycling respectively in a workshop where textiles are produced

Communication Media
Smartphones and other digital media seen from the angle of raw material extraction, production and disposal

Consulting and Support

Materials and personal contacts to implement ideas under the headline of sustainable development and climate protection

Circulation of instruments to measure climate data (light metering; thermometry; carbon dioxide emission)

Implementation of specific projects in schools concerning energy production and energy saving

Carrying out specific inspection rounds in schools to find out about the consumption of energy and the status of the climate protection in each specific building

Organizing a certain number of days each school year that focus on teaching the students the importance of sustainable production of energy and its responsible use.

Regular implementation of study periods, advanced training courses and syposiums for teachers


Peter Heinrichs
Advisor for teaching classes in Berlin´s Botanic Garden/Museum as well as for the topic of sustainable development and climate protection
Address: Königin-Luise-Straße 6, D-14195 Berlin
E-mail: peter.heinrichs@bne zentrum.de

Version Berlin-Athen
Translation: Annette Holtfrerich for “Respect for Greece”