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Invitation by THE INNOVATION IN POLITICS INSTITUTE to join  the jury of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2023      2.2023

Climate protection with energy-saving projects

კლიმატის დაცვა ენერგიის დაზოგვის პროექტებით

Захист клімату через енергозберігаючі проекти

A seminar with teachers from Ukraine and Georgia with the learning location “home”
as part of the project “Future Changemakers for a better Climate”
organised by “Global Project Partners e.V.”   1.11.2022

10-06 Modellhaus1 Web




Expert Exchange ‘Sustainable Schools‘  Athens – Rheinland-Pfalz

15-19.9.2022 Vitsa, Zagori, Epirus, Greece

22-09- 15 logos vitsa

Netzwerk Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung Rheinland-Pfalz

Erasmus+ Project „Green Thinking, Entrepreneur Youth”
International seminar about the importance of out-of-school places for environmental education 4.7.2022


Development of draft for an Art and Climate Protection Workshop Where does the light go when the fridge is closed? for Kindergarten and entry level of schools     June 2022


Greeting of “Respect for Greece” in Chaidari (Athens) 2.5.2022

Renato Mordo – Haidari 12 images of slavery and freedom
Presentation of research concerning a theatre play about the concentration camp in Chaidari,
World War II  more in German



Support of APEX:
Intelligent Node of Renewable Sources and Energy Saving            4.2022

Logo APEX TU Athens
Climate Change – Education – Renewable Energy sources – Energy saving – intelligent energy networks
Educational material that has been developed in the context of the APEX project, in a section of students majoring in Electrical Engineering. NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS

Expert Meeting in Limni (Evia) financed by German-Greek Youth Office and other meetings in Kamares (Pellepones) and Athens, October 2021Climate schools and German-Greek exchange revived


Talk with the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Ecuador about opportunities to share Berlin’s experience with ESD in Ecuador. 13.9.2021

UNESCO World Conference on
Education for Sustainable Development 17.-19.5.2021

Meeting German godd practices

Marcetplace SenBildESD-Centre at marketplace

BNE-Zentrum at the virtual marketplace of Meeting German good practices 18.5.


BMBF_ABNE2021_Webbanner2_1200x675px (002)_BNE Wochen_offizieller Beitrag

Offical contribution for the ESD-Weeks – Launch of the UNESCO program ESD 2030:


Jointup thinking about memory projects and Education for Sustainable Development



National Bulgarian Conference, 27th April 2021 -Online-The Goal of the conference was to present the experience and achievements of the EUKI-project „Towards Introduction of Climate Action in Bulgarian School Curricula “, and to introduce more practices in Germany from our partners, in order to look to the next steps for development. The ESD-Centre was invited to a key speech about experiences in Berlin and Athens


Erasmus+ seminar for teachers and students from Poland, Denmark, Northern Macedonia, Berlin 12.12.2019

About 50 people from an Erasmus+ project divided in two groups got an input about vocational orientation in general schooling in the frame of sustainable development with the focus on future jobs. They also got an overview in the tropical greenhouse about learning in complex subjects like climate change between biology, ecology, global learning and technology


Seminar for teachers from Minsk about Education for Sustainable Development in Berlin 28.3.2019

19-03-28 Minsk Belarus Weißrussland

We offered 22 teachers from Minsk (Belarus) two typical projects for ESD about the chances and problems with palm oil and energy saving projects at schools. Also we presented the background of ESD and the development in Berlin, especially the challenges of interdisciplinary teaching and decision-making competence of students.
The seminar was managed by „Deutsch-Russischer Austausch e.V.



Seminar for Russian guests about climate protection at schools in Berlin    21.2.2019
In the frame of the project

“ACCT! – Acting on Climate Change Together!
NGOs and teachers provide innovative climate change education
for young people in Russia’s North-West” 



LogoDRAFour engaged members of Russian NGO’s and one of a university were informed about our offers about palm oil, energy saving at schools and the tropical greenhouse as place of interdisciplinary learning concerning climate issues.               

The EU-project is managed by „Deutsch-Russischer Austausch e.V.” We offered to keep in contact for advice during the project development.



Seminar for Bulgarian educational consultants about support structures for teachers in Berlin engaged in climate protection at schools   29.11.2018

BNE-Zentrum is partner of UfU for the EUKI-project
Towards introduction of Climate Action in the Educational Curriculum of Bulgarian Schools  (TICA)
managed by National Trust EcoFund (NTEF)


Workshop for students and teachers from BCU-School, Kalimantan (Borneo, Indonesia) and students from Königin-Luise-Stiftung Berlin 2.10.2018

18-10-02 13.38 energy saving workshop.jpgMeasurement of electric energy used by different electric devices used in schools and at home and calculation of costs as basis for saving energy, costs and CO2-emissions.



Delegation from Bina Cita Utama School, Kalimantan (Borneo, Indonesia) 11.07.2017 and 24.9.2018

17-07-11 Borneos BerlinStudents and teachers from Bina Cita Utama School (Borneo, Indonesia) and students from Königin-Luise-Stiftung (Berlin) learned about the technology to simulate tropical climate in the main tropical greenhouse of the Botanic Garden and carried out small self-organized research programmes measuring  temperature, humidity and brightness in different climate zones and different layers of the rainforest. Questions where e.g.: Why do we have tropical plants in our flats? Is the surface temperature of plants in a rainforest different to the air temperature and why?

The visits to Berlin and Palangka Raya are part of an ENSA supported school partnership with a main topic “Palmoil”

Return visit to Kalimantan (Borneo) October 2017



Visit of Environmental Educational Centre of Vamos, Crete, Greece 5.9.2018

IMG_1397.jpegThe EEC Vamos in Kefala is developing a network about climate protection in the region of Chania and is interested to connect it national and international.

One focus is the use of energy and bioclimatic architecture,

a wonderful addition to the Klima Schulen in Berlin and our project Climate Schools Athens/Berlin. We got to know Fotis Pontikakis and his very engaged team and also the hostel in Vamos.


Visitor from Universidad EAFIT Medellín – Colombia 1.12.2017

Alejandro Álvarez Vanegas, Profesor del Departamento de Ingeniería de Procesos

Coordinador del Núcleo de Formación Institucional en Cultura ambiental at

universidad EAFIT         Presentation and exchange about structures and examples of Education for Sustainable Development in Berlin and Medellín


Media study tour for journalists from Central and Eastern Europe 12.–14.09.2017

17-09-14 Jan Rottler adelphiThe study tour to Berlin and Brandenburg provides climate and energy journalists with an opportunity to gain insights into Germany’s transformation in action in the run-up to COP23 in Bonn.

14.9.2017: Education and awareness raising as a key

factor in driving the transition to the low carbon economy.

Wolfgang Schwarz, ESD-Centre, former Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family

Dorothea Carl, Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU)

Foto: Jan Rottler/adelphi

More information:


50/50 Conference in Bucharest 30.–31.05.2017

Energy efficiency in education units – Challenges and benefits for local authorities

17-05-31-Konferenz-50_50Eficienta energetica in unitatile de invatamant – provocari si avantaje pentru autoritatile locale


Measures for the participation of the municipality in environmental projects

in the context of educational programmes for young people

Implementation of 50/50 programs in Berlin, (Hamburg and Bremen)

BNE-Zentrum: W. Schwarz / UfU e.V.: H. Ngujen / Environ: E. Gaspari Project Management, A. Orban President, A. Radulescu Project implementation


Visiting Schedule Athens 24.–27.04.2017

Preparing a project about energy saving and climate protection at schools in Athens

Athen-design-for-better-learningMONDAY, 24th OF APRIL

Visiting the 8th High School, where an energy upgrade program has been implemented by the municipality of Athens.

Visiting the office of Vice Mayor Mr. G.Apostolopoulos


Visiting the 51st High School. Tour to the school grounds and presentation of an educational program about energy saving with refugees

Visiting the Kindergarten of Deutsche Schule Athen


Visiting the 57th – 61st primary school, where the restructuring and educational program “DESIGNED FOR BETTER LEARNING” has been implemented.

Visiting the office of Vice Mayor Mrs. M. Iliopoulou.

Presentation of  “DESIGNED FOR BETTER LEARNING” by representatives of Technical University of Crete

Presentation of “OPEN SCHOOLS”

Link Designed for better learning

Link Open Schools

Meeting with a representative of the Environmental Education Center of Argyroupoli


Visit and presentation of the MODEL HOSTEL “Welcommon” by Nikos Chrysogelos, NGO “Wind of Renewal”

Meeting with representatives of school development in Athens


Visitor from Brazil 22.09.2016

exchange of educational offers with Yara Castanheira

The Inhotim Institute is a center for contemporary art and a botanical garden, located in Brumadinho, about 60 kilometers from Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais).

Something special is the education program that integrates the art collection and the collection of the institute’s botanical garden.

Inhotim is not only concerned about the environment; It is located within a remaining part of the Atlantic Rainforest and the Cerrado (savannah areas), which are two of the species richest and most endangered biomes of the planet – a global hotspot.


Visitors from Aichi Prefectural Education Center, Japan 02.12.2008

08-12-02-BNE-Japan2-KopieInformations about organising ESD in Berlin and offers from Botanical School and ESD-Centre to develop ESD in Japan