The 8th All day Primary School & Kindergarten Limni is for many years engaged in environmental education. In November 2018 nearly all teachers joined our* two days teachers training about energy saving and climate protection supported by measurement devices borrowed from our project Climate Schools Be.At in Athens and educational material from the same project. The teachers started very creative projects in different classes and organised a project day, documented in a Poster for the final event of the Athen’s project in May 2019.


game about climate protection outdoor on the project day
game about energy use indoor
Poster of Energy saving project: German Greek

* The Limni team: voluntarily engaged members of the association “Respekt für Griechenland” (Berlin), the institute “BNE-Zentrum” (Berlin) , the company “Community Energy River” (Athens)

Limni youth-workshop about environmental measurements 2.5.2019


Visit of Technical School Mantoudi 11.2019

Agreement about teachers training for energy saving project – stopped by Corona 3.2020